Myths in Fitness-;(اخطاء شائعة)

· You need to train every day which is totally wrong as you need recovery so the best workout is 3-5 days per week.

· Muscle confusion, this also wrong as the muscle has no brain to get confused and you don’t need to change your exercise every day .

· Strength don’t matter, this statement is wrong as well as you need to train with strength and not only with low weight

· Low reps = Size and high reps = definition (This idea began in the sport of bodybuilding, where competitors traditionally lifted heavy weights to put on size, then switched to lighter, higher-rep training when trying to get defined before a show. While the bodybuilders typically took this to mean that sets of 10 or more reps “burned cuts” into their muscles, the credit should really have gone to the fat-shedding diet they followed simultaneously. The Truth, high-rep sets do burn more calories than low-rep ones, but the difference is nominal. And research suggests that high reps are at least as effective for putting on muscle as heavy training—in fact, the Public Library of Science reported that subjects who did 24-rep sets made better gains than those who did five-rep sets. In short: Any kind of weight training can build muscle.)

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